Corporate Membership

Corporate membership of NZPICS is available to entities with a high level of commitment and
contributes to the sustainability and growth of Supply Chain, Logistics and Operations Management
profession and professionals in their operations and New Zealand Inc.

Corporate Members enjoy the following benefits:

#NZPICS Corporate Membership TierTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
1Corporate Membership Annual Subscription fee$2,999$2,250$1,250
2Individual NZPICS membership (free up to)*1053
3Group Certification Programs Discount (CPIM,CLTD, CSCP)* excludes APICS membership/s and collateral10%5%2.5%
4Group training Discount(Principles, Short In-house programs)*15%10%5%
5NZPICS Conference registrations (free up to)*321
6Seminars, site visit, Networking events, attendance (free up to)*531
7Free listing for job vacancies (job listing per year)*1263
8Corporate Membership CertificateYYY
9Acknowledgement of Corporate membership with logo on NZPICS websiteYYY
10Acknowledgement of Corporate membership status at NZPICS’s conferenceYYY
11Exhibition and Sponsorship opportunityYYY

Note: Prices excludes GST.
Conference may not be held each year.
* cost saving highlight below

Corporate membership benefits Overview:


  • Corporate Membership Annual Subscription:
    Corporate Membership renewed annually and subject to the approval of NZPICS Committee. (Renewal period 1st July – 30 June or part there off in quarterly buckets).
    Corporate membership Tier is based on the number of employees.
    Tier 1– over 100 employees,
    Tier 2 – between 51 – 100 employees,
    Tier 3 – up to 50 employees.


  • Individual NZPICS membership
    Corporate members are entitled to free NZPICS individual membership based on their Tier. Each tier includes a bundle of NZPICS individual memberships to be distributed to company
    employees. Beyond the entitled individual memberships, standard membership fee applies for additional membership. Membership is not transferable.
    Corporate member employees joining under Corporate Membership (entitled) do not hold any voting rights.NZPICS Individual membership provides corporate member’s employees with access to
    substantial knowledge, career ad networking resources designed to help them grow, connect and succeed.


  • Group Training Discount
    Corporate members are eligible for group discount for certification and short in-house programs. Discount is based on corporate Tier and depends on the number of attendees per program. Members receive group discounts on talent development programs, centered around our
    best-in-class APICS credentials: CPIM, CSCP, CLTD. Discount also applies to Principles
    programs and short in-house programs.


  • NZPICS Conferences Registration.
    A number of free (based to Tier) registrations are included in each corporate membership


  • Seminars, site visits & Networking events.
    A number of free (based to Tier) registrations are included in each corporate membership
    package.NZPCIS regularly hosts seminars, site visit and networking events which connects members
    and the latest thinking in the ever-changing supply Chain / Operations Management eco
    system. NZPICS hosts a variety of educational and professional development events which
    provide your staff with valuable learning opportunities, resources essential for maintaining
    professional excellence and also helps towards their certificates maintenance points.


  • Job Listings
    Opportunity to list job vacancies on NZPICS website. Number of job listing permissible each year is based on the Tier.


  • Corporate Membership Certificate.
    An annual corporate membership certificate will be provided. To be renewed annually.


  • Acknowledgement of Corporate membership
    Corporate membership will be acknowledgement on NZPICS’s website and NZPCIS conference along with the organisation logo.


  • Exhibition and Sponsorship
    Corporate membership will have the ‘first right of rejection’ for opportunities to exhibit or sponsor at our conference, seminars or networking events.


  • Cost saving
    Tangible cost saving highlighted below


#NZPICS Corporate Membership TierTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
1Individual NZPICS membership (free up to)$ 850$ 425$ 225
2Group Certification Programs Discount (CPIM,CLTD, CSCP) excludes APICS membership and additional reading material. Based on minimum 5 participants for the CPIM program i.e. CPIM part 1 (IL) program. Standard price of CPIM part 1 is $2,999$ 2,699 saving $299 PP Total saving $1,495$ 2,699 saving $150 PP Total saving $750$ 2,699 saving $75 PP Total saving $375
3Group training Discount (Principles, Short In-house programs). Based on a Principles program @ $ 5000 for X participants & Y principles sessions$ 750$ 500$ 250
4NZPICS Conference registrations (free up to)
Based on $ 150 per registration.
$ 450$ 300$150
5Seminars, site visit, Networking events attendance (free up to)*. Based on $ 25 / event$125$ 75$ 25
6Free listing for job vacancies (jobs per year).
Based on $ 130 / job listing
$1,560$ 780$ 390
Total Saving$ 5,230$ 2,830$1,415
Net savings$2,2,31$ 580$ 165