Certified Supply Chain Analyst


Master the basics of the Supply Chain Internationally recognized certification Program

Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA)

The Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) program’s comprehensive body of knowledge will assist you in demonstrating your expertise related to basics of the supply chain.

The Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) program is designed to provide participants the ability to demonstrate topics related to sourcing, the role of inventory in the supply chain, MRP, and Transportation.

Who is this course intended for?

The ISCEA CSCA is designed for all global industries and professionals focusing on supply chain. It is a perfect program for entry level supply chain professionals, or who are planning to join the ranks of supply chain. Organizations in need of a baseline common language for their supply chain team. Individuals involved in supply chain improvement projects or systems implementation (e.g.  ERP, Lean, etc.) Students and proactive individuals with an interest in supply chain.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply manager - scheduling – planning

Logistic Analyst/Manager

Purchasing Manager



Stock Manager


Why Study CSCA

The CSCA (Certified Supply Chain Analyst Designation) gives participants an introductory overview of the end-to-end supply chain. 

It provides general knowledge of logistics and supply chain management best practices. 

It also explores the key aspects of supply chain management and discover opportunities for improving efficiency and effectiveness to adopt a suitable supply chain strategy.

CSCA program content

The CSCA coursework delivers foundational topics, theories, decision aids, strategies, as basics in supply chain. Some of the topics presented are Sourcing, the role of inventory in the supply chain, MRP, and Transportation. Beyond these specific supply chain topics, related issues such as Team dynamics, Sustainability, Lean and continuous improvement tools, will also be presented.
  • Overview
  • Strategy
  • Framework for discussion
  • Fundamental Issues
  • Aggregate planning
  • Role of Inventory
  • Material requirement planning
  • Sourcing
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Sales under fulfillment
  • Lean & continuous improvement tools
  • Sustainability
  • Team Dynamics

Study Options



Study in your own time with self-paced modules and video recorded tutorials and online proctored exam.


5 X 3 hour instructor led review Sessions. A minimum of 5 students must register for Tutored sessions to proceed.


Customizable timeframe. Full-days and half-day as per your convenience. Please contact NZPICS to discuss options. Workaround your schedule.

Course dates

Self- study enrolments are open from 14/01/2022 to 13/12/2022

Dates are approximate and may vary by a week or two.

Instructor led class subject to demand.

Course Pricing


Includes Study guide with all slides, exercises, and exam

Members *(NZPICS)       Non-Members

US$ 1,100                                US$ 1,900


Includes Study guide with all slides, exercises, and exam

Members*(NZPICS)             Non-Members

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Exam Info

Duration               :    30 min

Questions             :    25 multiple choice

Examination         :    online

Passing Criteria    :    None

Schedule               :    Last day of workshop

Duration               :    120 min

Questions             :    100 multiple choice

Examination         :    i-PROCTOR -online

Passing Criteria    :    70%

Schedule               :    Last day of workshop