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What our students say


“I found the APICS CSCP Learning System to be a very effective method of learning with the right balance of online and hardcopy tools to enable knowledge acquisition.
I was very satisfied with the experience. The content is up to date and encompasses the very best in terms of best practice and tried and true processes for success. In my opinion, the APICS CSCP Certification has enhanced my body of knowledge and breadth of experience in end to end Supply Chain Operations. I would recommend the APICS CSCP program to all Supply Chain professionals.“

Andrew Anquetil, CSCP

Head of Supply Chain


“Earlier this year I completed my CPIM Qualification. Best thing I ever did. I had been a Production Planner for many years before I decided to upskill my qualifications starting with APICS Basics in Supply Chain Management.
The added knowledge I gained from that course gave me the incentive to continue on and complete all of the courses. This has helped all aspects of my role immensely, and at work, my APICS Dictionary is now my most used reference book. I would highly recommend the CPIM courses to any person working within the Production Planning and inventory fields.”

Patricia Cuming, CPIM

Production Planner


“The broad nature of the CLTD curriculum exposed me to the wide range of new initiatives and concepts in Logistics and Supply chain management that can be
directly applied to real-world challenges to produce significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency.”

Denzil Rodrigues – CLTD

Operations Manger, NZ





Which course is ideal for you?

Here at NZPICS, we believe in catering to everyone. So please choose below which of the following you best identify with.

How APICS Certifications Can Help You

  • Deepen your understanding of supply chain applications
  • Become the ideal candidate for the job and increase your hireability with an industry-wide recognised certification.
  • Increase your salary potential and hit the ground running.


What we suggest for you

We recommend the CPIM Course for those who are new to the industry and want to gain mastery in the understanding and application of an organisation’s internal operations.

How APICS Certifications Can Help You

  1. Become the leader in your field, knowing you are future equipped.
  2. APICS Certifications can provide between 14 to 20 percent more earnings than similarly qualified peers.
  3. Master Supply Chain and Operations Management through industry-recognised certifications.


What we suggest for you

The only competition is your own supply chain, not your competitor. Let us help you, maximise your supply chain potential.

Call us today and we can help you decide where you want to go next in supply chain.

How APICS Certifications Can Help Your Company

  1. Improve the productivity of your company
  2. Bridge and create a common understanding between all your departments. Have everyone speaking the same language.
  3. Learn at your company’s pace. We can work around your schedule and bring the classroom to you.


How we can help you

The only competition is your own supply chain, not your competitor. Let us help you, maximise your supply chain potential.

Call or email us today and we can arrange a tailored course schedule that works around your organisation.

Why Join us

  1. Extend your networks and meet like-minded people across the industry.
  2. Become associated with us and share your knowledge with like-minded people across the industry.
  3. Maintain your APICS Certification Maintenance points by becoming a member, and joining us at events.
  4. If you are interested in becoming an APICS-Certified Instructor. We can help you with that.


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