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CPIM Certification

$1500/3 months
The CPIM designation is awarded upon successful completion of Part-1 (BSCM-Basics of Supply Chain management) and Part-2 (SMR-Strategic Management of Resources, MPR-Master Planning of Resources, DSP-Detailed Scheduling & Planning, and ECO- Execution & Control of Operations).
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CSCP certification

$1800/3 months
Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program is an industry educational and certification program created to meet the rapidly changing needs of the supply chain management field.
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CLTD certification

$2000/3 months
The APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) designation will set you apart from your peers, make you more valuable to your organization and position you for success.
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SCOR course

$2050/3 months
The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) model describes the business activities associated with all phases of satisfying a customer’s demand.
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How should I prepare for each exam?
How you study and the amount of time you spend studying will depend upon the exam you are taking and your knowledge of the concepts being tested. After January 2013 all students receive access to APICS CPIM Online Study Tool.This has exam questions in both a untimed and timed format, as well as answers from each section of the workbook. NZPICS will provide you with an access code and class number so you can access the tool. In addition the APICS Curricula and Certification Council has identified a number of primary references for each CPIM module. These references include texts, reprints of pertinent articles and case studies, and readings compiled from the Harvard Business Review.
Master the SMR exam
Master the SMR exam Some students find the Strategic Management of Resources (SMR) course and exam the most challenging. APICS master instructor Roger Harris, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, has helped many SMR candidates —including those who have failed the SMR exam multiple times—successfully pass the SMR exam using the information that is in this webinar. Avoid common problems candidates experience with the SMR subject matter and understand the critical knowledge required of successful SMR exam candidates. Follow the link to watch this useful 50 minute presentiation. Once you land on the APICS page, open the “Exam Preparation tools and tips” drop down (in the middle of the page). You’ll see the webinar listed there:
If I have an unexcused absense from my exam and have not cancelled, why do I forfeit my free?
The exam space has been reserved for you and is held until cancellation is received. APICS pays the test vendor for all reserved seats, whether or not a candidate takes the exam.If you do need to cancel your exam - review the APICS CPIM or CSCP Exam Bulletin for current information on how to canel an exam. The Bulletin is available on the NZPICS Exam Page.
Tips for re-sitting a CPIM exam
It is always disappointing to miss passing a CPIM exam. NZPICS Committee, Tutors and Team wish to support you to be successful in all your exams. Below is some useful information that may assist you. The diagnostics (your exam letter) will provide some indication of the knowledge gaps observed in the examination process. If you have been particularly weak in one area this may affect your overall result therefore review of the knowledge gaps become essential. In 2011 APICS have also released a new APICS dictionary - the 14th edition. This is also available from the NZPICS Office. If your experience with CPIM is slightly longer than 2 terms ago then it may be advisable to obtain some advice on how to proceed to regain momentum in gaining this very important and relevant qualification. In general it would pay to fully attend a lectured course wherever possible. These are available in Auckland in the evenings, Christchurch ex the NZMEA, and are also currently running in Nelson based on attendee registration. In general it would pay to obtain an updated version of the Workbook & the 14th edition of the APICS Dictionary. If you lack confidence in a particular aspect of the subject then it will pay to obtain assistance. Contact the NZPICS office for information about the assistance we can provide. Assistance can come from another CPIM qualified person, extra reading material etc. NZPICS may be able to assist you to network with a person that can provide guidance beyond that of the lecturer. We encourage you to persevere with your study. It is important to both yourself, and to the business you are employed by, to extend your capability by way of qualification. The CPIM course provides the opportunity to learn and deliver quality in Operations Planning and Control. The qualification is important as it benchmarks your performance! The subject matter is important to Distribution, Manufacturing, and Service organisations. APICS is continuously updating the content of each course and there are not inclusive of the most modern teachings in Lean, Theory of Constraints, Just in Time, and Total Quality Management. If you require more information on passing CPIM exams, please contact the office for assistance.


What supply chain professionals have to say about the APICS programme


“I found the APICS CSCP Learning System to be a very effective method of learning with the right balance of online and hardcopy tools to enable knowledge acquisition.
I was very satisfied with the experience. The content is up to date and encompasses the very best in terms of best practice and tried and true processes for success. In my opinion, the APICS CSCP Certification has enhanced my body of knowledge and breadth of experience in end to end Supply Chain Operations. I would recommend the APICS CSCP program to all Supply Chain professionals.“
Andrew Anquetil, CSCP
Head of Supply Chain


“Earlier this year I completed my CPIM Qualification. Best thing I ever did. I had been a Production Planner for many years before I decided to upskill my qualifications starting with APICS Basics in Supply Chain Management.
The added knowledge I gained from that course gave me the incentive to continue on and complete all of the courses. This has helped all aspects of my role immensely, and at work, my APICS Dictionary is now my most used reference book. I would highly recommend the CPIM courses to any person working within the Production Planning and inventory fields.”
Patricia Cuming, CPIM
Production Planner


The broad nature of the CLTD curriculum exposed me to the wide range of new initiatives and concepts in Logistics and Supply chain management that can be
directly applied to real-world challenges to produce significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency.”
Denzil Rodrigues, CLTD
Operations Manager